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97% of people are more likely to achieve their fitness goals by hiring a Certified Personal Trainer. You’re more likely to stick to your program only if it’s convenient for you.

With over a decade of experience helping our clients lose weight, tone up, and getting our clients into their best shape ever, we’ve learned that there are two key factors to your success. First is Convenience. If it’s convenient you’re more likely to stick with it. Second is you’ve got to have the right trainer.

Our goal is to give you access to top qualified trainers in your area. No more wasting time searching for trainers or going to the gym.

All of our trainers will:

✓Design a custom program for you

✓Give you the right accountability

✓Conduct monthly fitness assessments

✓Assign homework assignments

✓Provide nutritional guidance

If you’re frustrated and unclear what to do next with your weight and fitness level and know you have the potential to get in the BEST shape of your life, then we can help you, so you’ll never struggle again to get fit and feel healthy.

Trainers and their Bios.

Personal Trainer Sergio Espericueta.

Sergio received his Bachelors in Kinesiology - Exercise Science from California State University San Bernardino. He has helped educate others regarding fitness, and he wants to help you reach your fitness goals so that you can do the activities you love, feel comfortable in your own skin, and overall live a healthier life! Specialties:  Balance, Flexibility, Increase Muscle Strength, Firming and Toning, Weight Loss

Personal Trainer Antonio Desmarais.

Antonio has an athletic background that carried him into a coaching role at Rancho Mirage High School. Antonio has coached 5+ years of varsity track and 5+ years of varsity football. He is currently attending Cal State University San Bernardino and in pursuit of his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. Specialties:  Sport Specific Training, Pre/Post Natal Training, Rehab Training, Endurance Training, Balance & Flexibility

Personal Trainer Diane McCallum.

Diane is our Elite Trainer. She is ACE certified Personal Trainer with a strong background in exercise science and Physical fitness. Experienced in  strengthening/ toning, weight loss, wellness, balance, TRX suspension training, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Certified in TRX, women’s fitness and strength training, senior fitness, and TRX.  Specialties:  Weight Loss, Flexibility, Mobility, Balance Wellness Advising, Middle Age Women Fitness, Injury prevention, Rehab.

Personal Trainer Marcy Smith.

Marcy is originally from Steilacoom Washington. Marcy is a mom, wife and Fitness Lover with 17 years of experience of training people. She is a certified personal professional with a passion for healthy lifestyle and bodybuilding. She competed in fitness competitions and was in love with shaping and redefining human physique. She would love to help you achieve your fitness goals and keep you accountable. Specialties:  Increase Muscle Strength, Firming & Toning, Nutrition, Middle Age Women's Fitness.

Mat Pilates Instructor Kim Gordon.

Teaching fitness classes and helping people to stay fit has been a part of Kim's life since college. Kim is passionate about Practicing Mat Pilates because it helps build a strong, balanced body and increases flexibility. As you progress in your practice you will notice improvements in breathing, focus, stress management, and body awareness.

Private Yoga Teacher Fernando Alvarez.

Fernando trained in various traditions of Yoga which he incorporates into his teaching. This results in a dynamic yet gentle, alignment & breath-based method design to advance students progressively while teaching them safety. Benefits of a consistent yoga practice can include increased flexibility, strength, mental health, weight loss & improved sleep. Specialties:  Yoga, Balance, Flexibility

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