Understanding the benefits of working with a personal trainer?
Author: Nadia Popova
Owner at Send me a Trainer

Whether you’ve fallen into a workout rut or you’re totally new to exercise, it’s hard to know where to begin — or how to navigate all the machines and equipment.
The gym can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re a total beginner.

If there’s no one to hold us accountable, we lose sight of our set goals. Shared accountability is a big step forward in a ‘realistic’ direction. Ongoing sessions with a personal trainer give you the motivation, tracking, guidance, and accountability you need to achieve better results.
The beauty of having a personal trainer is that they take all the guesswork out of the equation, which means your only job is to show up for yourself. Beyond that, you gain peace of mind that you’re not wasting your time with ineffective exercises, or, worse, putting yourself at the risk of injury.

It’s important to say that the benefits of a PT aren’t all physical. Their support, encouragement and can-do attitude will boost motivation. They also really help to keep our minds in the right place.

Through my years of being a Personal Trainer I see the most important reason for working with a Personal trainer which is Reduces the Risk of Injury
It’s going to be hard to stick with a workout routine if you’re hurt. Because a personal trainer is experienced with the moves and equipment in common workout programs, working with one cuts your risk dramatically.

Your trainer can teach the proper form, technique, and posture required for each exercise you do. They will also supervise you during a workout and correct these things as you go.
People don’t become personal trainers simply because they’re healthy themselves. For the most part, successful personal trainers are the type of people to enjoy the company of others, are empathetic, and want to help. The position of a personal trainer is a unique place to be, held only by those who’re genuinely understanding and caring in nature.

While that might not be the case for every personal trainer, it’s certainly the case for all “Send Me A Trainer” personal trainers who have been in the business for any considerable length of time. You don’t last long if your clients are uneasy around you, sensing disinterest or contempt. A lot depends on word of mouth, the best personal trainers often find work through being recommended by colleagues, friends, and family.

A certified personal trainer can customize a fitness program for your ability, fitness level, and goals. A common misconception about personal trainers is that they get in your face and shout at you, belittle you, or push you too hard. However, qualified personal trainers care about their clients and want them to succeed. Consider getting professional help with your fitness program, because there are many benefits of having a personal trainer.

Some of them listed bellow:
  • Safety first
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Increased accountability
  • Create a lifetime of wellness
  • Personalized attention
  • A mental & emotional boost

To get the most from each of your personal training sessions, you should take the time to find the right trainer. You want someone you have a rapport with and someone you can trust to help you get where you want to be.
Personal training with “Send Me A Trainer”
Ready to experience the benefits of personal training yourself? SMAT has more than 15 qualified trainers across three fitness clubs to provide the motivation, expertise and support you need to safely achieve your goals.

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