Why do you need to stretch?
Author: Nadia Popova
Owner at Send me a Trainer

It's probably safe to say that the most neglected aspect of your fitness routine is stretching.
Stretching is a simple and effective activity that helps to enhance athletic performance, decrease the likelihood of injury, and assist with injury rehabilitation.
The major benefit of a regular stretching program is improved range of motion and freedom of movement. As a result, a reduction in general muscle tension is achieved and our ability to bend, reach and turn is improved.
Regular stretching will also help to increase comfort, improve posture, develop body awareness, improve coordination, promote circulation, increase energy, and improve relaxation and stress relief.
Stretching complements and enhances everything else we do throughout the day.
How to start stretching
So you're ready to start your journey to increased flexibility. But where to begin? Simply stretching for five minutes each day can make a world of difference, and working in the basics (toe touch, quad stretch, and single-leg seated stretch) can, over time, help your muscles lengthen with more ease.
If you can't touch your toes right away, try bending your knees or working to get farther to the ground with each passing day. It can also be useful to stretch with a yoga block handy or even a resistance band to loop around your feet or legs to deepen your stretches. It may be uncomfortable at first, but that means you're on the road to progress.
Types of stretches
  • Static Stretches
This type of stretching involves stretching a muscle to the end of its range of motion. Once you get to the end of the muscle’s range of motion, you are supposed to hold that position for about 30 seconds. Static stretches are essential when it comes to increasing the length of a muscle.

  • Dynamic Stretches
This type of stretching involves the use of repetitive movements. They help improve the range of motion by working the muscles and joints that are going to be involved in the workout you are about to do or the sport you are about to take part in.

  • Ballistic Stretches
Ballistic stretches use repeated bouncing movements to stretch the targeted muscle groups. Although the bouncing aspect of this particular type of stretching may cause an increased risk of getting injured, when done properly; this is doing them from a low-velocity to a high-velocity, and doing static stretches before, it helps reduce the likelihood of an injury occurring. This particular type of stretches is also referred to as bouncing stretches.

Benefits of Stretching:
  1. Stretching Helps Increase Your Range Of Motion And Flexibility
  2. Stretching Promotes Better Posture
  3. Stretching Helps Improve The Circulation Of Blood Throughout Your Body
How often should you stretch? As long as you stretch at least six times a week, you are on the right track. Always remember that stretching is an important exercise that you should incorporate into your workout routine. If you need help with the stretching and would like to hire a stretching therapist we are here to help.

At Send Me A Trainer we have qualified Stretching Therapists who can come to your house and perform Assisted Stretching and Myofascial Release therapy in the comfort of your own home. Please visit our website at www.cvsendmeatrainer.com or call (760)880-9904.

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