Meet the boys


Antonio Desmarais is personal trainer. He has an athletic background that carried him into a coaching role at Rancho Mirage High School. Antonio has coached two years of varsity track and two years of varsity football. He is currently attending Cal State San Bernardino in pursuit of his bachelors in exercise science. He is ready to help you achieve your fitness goals!


I first let fitness into my life when I was in middle school. Having athletic friends made me feel as if I was not living up to the potential that my body could reach. I wondered why others were developing at a quicker rate physically. This was before I understood how genetics played a role in how one developed, so the only other explanation was exercise! After that I would beg my parents for an issue of muscle and fitness whenever they were willing. I would finish my schoolwork, sometimes even prior to that, and I would pour over pages and pages regarding different exercises, workout routines, ideologies, tips, and all the above regarding fitness. I would spend hours in the backyard doing whatever exercises I could. Eventually, this thing that started off as a way to battle my insecurities, would turn into what would become my passion.

      After I graduated High School, I continued onto college to study the science of movement, Kinesiology. I graduated with a Bachelors in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. I studied human movement and learned about the marvel that is the human body. I went on to assist in the fitness assessment lab, assist and participate in research, and helped spread the benefits of fitness and health to whoever I could through poster presentations at conferences and school symposiums. However, I soon decided that I wanted to become more directly involved in the world of fitness and became a Personal Trainer in 2021.

     As a Personal Trainer, I have found that most people do not have a healthy relationship with exercise and fitness itself. We are taught that we have to work out until we drop in a puddle of our own sweat. However, I have learned that there are more efficient, safe, and sustainable ways to improve your health and fitness. Something important that I have used with myself, and my clients is the concept of progressive overload. These are ways that you can increase the difficulty of your workout routine whether it is increasing the weight, increasing the number of repetitions, increasing the number of sets performed, increasing the time under tension, and any combination or variations of these. This, along with consistently finding time to exercise and eating well, can lead to a healthier and more sustainable relationship with fitness. As a trainer, we are here to help people manage and understand the importance of having a consistent routine, and progress as required by our clients’ body’s ability to adapt to the current stressors.

     Something wonderful that I have learned through helping others understand health and fitness is that unlike certain things in our life for which we have no control, we have control over our fitness. We can choose to find a moment in our day to dedicate to fostering a healthier relationship with fitness and our bodies. We all have amazing capacity to change, and as a trainer I have the pleasure of joining my clients as they discover what they are capable of. I never would have imagined that I would be doing what I enjoy, and that it could eventually help others. All I know now is that I would not change a thing, because it has led me to where I am today.