Golf Fitness Explained.
Author: Nadia Popova
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The fundamentals of Golf Fitness come down to understanding what the Golf Fitness Program is all about and what the benefits are.

In the nutshell Golf Fitness is a Program that is designed to improve movement patterns of certain areas of the body that are utilized in the golf swing. The typical Golf Fitness Program assists golfers in their understanding of the importance of fitness as a part of their overall golf game.

Golf Fitness is about being fit to play the game of golf at an individual's highest level. Your own highest level! It is about playing as many rounds of golf as you desire, without acquiring an injury. It is about identifying any strength deficits or mobility limitations that may slow down your performance and understanding how your physical limitations impact your golf swing. And, more importantly, how to address those limitations through strength and conditioning..

Strength training, cardio, flexibility work, and of course, the all-important recovery all play a role in a golfer’s fitness. Here are the most important golf fitness components you need to know for players to get the most out of their training and improve their game on the course!

Core Work
A strong core is essential for a strong swing. No strong Core equals Poor Golf Swing. Core work is often neglected during regular strength training programs, but dedicating time to it each week can significantly improve a golfer’s game. Are you currently training your core? Are you working all the muscles in your core? Remember it’s not only a 6 pack! It’s Front, Side and Back muscles that need to be trained to get maximum results.

Despite the ease of zooming around the course on a golf cart, golfers need a decent cardiovascular fitness level. This isn’t just to walk the course, which is a big part of playing the game, but also for stamina as they move through each round.
Incorporating cardio into a gym routine is essential. Three to four times a week is optimal, depending on the time available

Mobility & Flexibility
Golfers are prone to overuse type injuries – especially in the shoulders, elbows, wrists and lower back. A suitable program of resistance exercises that helps to balance the body and improve posture, is one of the best ways to prevent these injuries.

As with any type of training, recovery is an essential component. But it’s often neglected and seen as wasted time. The truth is, the quality of recovery can have a huge impact on one’s physical health and fitness when they’re on the course.
Getting stronger will not only get you better at golf, you will probably play more because of it. In one of our previous articles we explained what The Functional Training was and what the benefits were.

With a functional body comes a more efficient golf swing which yields more consistency, better scores and many more years playing better golf. Your Functional Training should be your first step in your Golf Fitness Training. Once functionality is restored then you can address balance, power and strength.

Golf Fitness is a key component to playing well on the golf course regardless of whether you are competing in your Club Championship, your Weekly Game or just against Old Man Par. Your level of Physical and Mental Conditioning can be the leading factor in the degree of success you achieve.

Golf was previously seen as a sport that did not require top physical shape to excel. Having a perfectly fit body is not required to play golf. However, the dominance of Tiger Woods back in the day shocked his peers as he was seen working hard on vital muscles needed to excel at golf which ultimately gave him an advantage. Tiger has set the bar high since then and professional tour golfers now focus on their fitness just as much as their golf game. They noticed the importance of fitness to enhance their golf performance.

Strengthening your body is crucial for your game as well as your longevity. Do not neglect exercise as it will also help you prevent injuries. Let's all improve our golf game together! If you would like to schedule your Free Assessment or Hire one of our Golf Pro please call or text to (760)880-9904 or visit our website at

If you would like to schedule your Free Fitness Assessment please call or text (760)880-9904. Our Trainers are available to come at your convenience.

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