The 6 Most Important Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer

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Regular exercise and healthier eating habits are the most reliable approach for a healthier and stronger body. However, getting in shape without a trainer can be challenging. It helps if you get a personal trainer to help you set fitness goals and create a customized workout plan. 

Working with a personal trainer is proven to ensure successful fitness habits. If you have not worked with a personal trainer before, you may not know the questions to ask during an interviewing session.

This post highlights some of the questions to ask the personal trainer before deciding who you will work with. 

1. What Are Your Qualifications? 

Chances are that the personal trainer you may be considering hiring is an amateur or a hobbyist who has gained experience and seems to understand the job.  

Before committing to a PT, know that working with a qualified personal trainer makes your exercise program safer, more effective, and more fun. 

Besides, qualified trainers provide expertise, accountability, and support. 

To qualify as a personal trainer, one should have obtained the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification.   

2. How Do You Assess New Clients? 

A professional personal trainer will request the client to undertake the physical activity readiness test. The test helps the PT know the client’s physical fitness to determine a customized workout plan. 

Apart from the test, the PT will engage the client for a one-on-one interview, during which the client submits a blood pressure and BMI score. 

The personal trainer will seek to know the client’s daily schedule, work-life, and overall lifestyle to make the training more effective. These interviews seek to understand the areas you struggle with to tailor a training program that best suits the client.

personal trainer

3. What is Your Training Style?

Some people prefer training under pressure because they know someone is watching their performance. Typically, the most successful personal trainer must be flexible and adapt quickly to the client’s preferred training style. 

The trainer should evaluate the client’s preferred training style to determine whether it will help them meet the overall training objectives. In some cases, freestyle training may not achieve the overall goal, so it is suitable for the client to engage. 

Both the client and the personal trainer should agree on the best training style to achieve the desired results. 

4. How Will You Track My Progress?

A crucial role of a personal trainer is keeping track of the client’s progress. Keeping track of training progress helps ensure the program works and helps you achieve the goals. 

A structured client’s progress tracker is a simple and effective means for helping focus on the program’s goals. The personal trainer may create a 6-week report covering the essentials of the client’s training routine and the results. 

The personal trainer may take before and after photos that act as the visual progress indicator.

5. Do You Offer Nutritional Advice?

Ideally, trainers with nutrition education make suggestions to help the client keep track of performance. Nutritional education points out hydration and workout-related food intake. 

Further, trainers make suggestions to support muscle gain or weight loss efforts. Nutrition education points out the following:

  • Proper calorie management and strategies 
  • Good food selection strategies 
  • Ideal food timing strategies 
  • Supplemental information or suggestions 
  • Healthy lifestyle choices

Therefore, ask the personal trainer whether he gives nutrition advice to support your program’s goals. 

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6. How Much Does it Cost?

Budget is one of the essential considerations when hiring a personal trainer. It is necessary because you do not want to stress your finances. You also want to ensure value for every dollar spent. 

A more experienced personal trainer probably charges more than a newbie charges. Also, you want to weigh the cost implication alongside the schedule and your availability.  Do not overlook other implications like a penalty for canceling a session and the convenience fee when the personal trainer works overtime. 

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A personal trainer guides you to achieve your physical fitness goals. Before you choose a personal trainer, it is good to interview two or more candidates to determine which is most suited for the role. 

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